For real estate marketplaces

Increase customer satisfaction and improve your own marketing KPIs using the additional, relevant information about the quality of the apartments obtained from the floor plan analysis by Archilyse.

The challenge
A plethora on the housing market leads to increased vacancies

Initial situation
The floor plan quality is not given enough consideration in the evaluation of apartments

Archilyse in application: Qualitative search criteria for property marketplaces

Increase customer satisfaction and marketing KPIs for real estate marketplaces

Archilyse analyses help with additional, relevant information to optimise marketing KPIs such as time on page, customer satisfaction and bounce rate. Further information about the location or e.g. a ranking of apartments according to self-defined weightings offer a new benefit and thus increase customer satisfaction and provide far greater insight than a house/flat viewing.

Potential tenants want information on views, floor plan, light conditions and costs

A marketplace that is able to offer its customers a wide range of information about the apartment at the earliest stage of the apartment search has a clear competitive advantage. In addition to price and space, it is especially criteria such as view, light and floor plan quality that determine the attractiveness of an apartment. Archilyse provides these criteria simply and automatically.

Viewing becomes superfluous: Evaluate the view and light conditions at the click of a mouse

Archilyse has developed a procedure that makes it possible, e.g. to calculate the view and lighting conditions of an apartment, even without a floor plan, by means of objective parameters, which you can provide your users as new search information.

Better positioning through greater customer satisfaction and better KPIs

Archilyse’s offering for real estate marketplaces can add several useful elements to the information in housing advertisements, thereby contributing to increased customer satisfaction and thus improving marketing KPIs. Thanks to very simple technical integration into the existing website and mobile applications, the added value is achieved without major effort or investment.

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