For real estate developers

Evidence-based decision-making in real estate development

As a real estate developer, you have to make many decisions that are critical for the successful outcome of your projects. Starting from first potential analyses, to comparing and selecting the right plan variants until setting the optimal initial price Archilyse supports your decision-making with the broadest and most solid objective data about the quality of your objects.

Replace gut-feeling and subjective assessments with consistent and objective real estate quality indicators and gain higher decision-making certainty

Quality parameters such as the functionality of the floor plan, daylighting or views determine significantly the quality of your projects and with that the achievable DCF or earnings value. Replace error-prone and inconsistent subjective assessments with Archilyse’s consistent, objective and transparent quality data leading to quicker and better decisions when comparing and selecting plan variants, defining target rents or sales prices or assessing target group suitability.

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Archilyse in action: Steering the quality of your projects and increase the pricing accuracy in regard to their DCF or capitalised earnings value based on objective, reliable and processable real estate quality indicators

Build what the market has demand for

Get objective feedback and verify if the layout of your projects meets the criteria to reach the set goals, e.g. the highest possible market value or meeting the needs and preferences of your target segments.

Maximise investor satisfaction

Get investors on board with solid data.
Maximise and accelerate the ROI (return on investment), increase profitability and reduce time on market by building apartments that are aligned with the current demand in the market.

Determine the optimal initial price

Incorporate granular real estate quality indicators into your pricing process and define the optimal initial price based on objective and precise data – quicker, more secure and more differentiated than ever before.

Determine the optimal solution or planning variant

Compare design variants based on objective performance indicators. Identify the best performing and most profitable solution and ensure the project contains the right unit mix.

Support your decision-making with solid and objective data

Secure your decisions by underpinning them by objectively measuring architectural and real estate quality parameters.

Objectively judge architecture competitions

Add efficiency and objectivity to the evaluation of projects submitted to architecture competitions and select the winning project based on unbiased, transparent performance indicators.