For real estate developers

Get real estate pricing right: optimising discounted cash flow (DCF) and capitalised earnings value of your real estate developments based on ground-breaking architecture and real estate quality performance indicators

The challenge

Setting the right initial price, comparing planning scenarios in regards to their profitability, identifying the best performing planning variant, assessing target segment suitability and getting a precise property valuation are key to real estate development success.

All of these processes greatly rely on architectural and real estate quality assessments.

Initial situation

Before Archilyse, important pricing indicators such as the functionality of a floor plan or qualities such as daylighting or views could not be objectively assessed and therefore were not properly usable to determine rental or sales prices or a precise evaluation of real estate.

Hence, these important drivers were often left out or not accurately reflected in pricing and evaluation processes.

Archilyse in action: Increase pricing accuracy and compare different planning scenarios in regard to their DCF or capitalised earnings value based on objective, reliable and processable real estate quality indicators

Certain and reliable initial pricing

Incorporate granular real estate quality indicators into your pricing process and set the right initial price without hesitation.

Apply price modulation based on objective and precise quality-based clustering.

Determine the optimal solution or planning variant

Compare design variants based on objective performance indicators.

Identify the best performing and most profitable solution.

Support your decision-making with solid and objective data

Secure your decisions by underpinning them on objectively measured architectural and real estate quality parameters.

Objectively judge architecture competitions

Add efficiency and objectivity to the evaluation of projects submitted to architecture competitions.

Select the winning project based on unbiased performance indicators.

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