For corporate real estate & workplace managers

Dynamic implementation of the 6 feet office. Keep your staff safe, healthy and productive.

The challenge
Managing corporate real estate and workplaces across multiple global locations and adapting them to fulfil local regulations and company standards.

Initial situation
Adapting corporate facilities and office spaces to comply with changing regulations like the COVID-19 distancing guidelines at a global scale is a daunting task.

Archilyse in action: Workplace Distancing Solution

Create the optimal “new post-COVID-19” workspace. Automatically reconfigure the number and distribution of workstations.

Upload your office layouts

Upload your pdf floor plan - Archilyse Workplace Distancing Solution

All we need are PDFs of your office layouts.

From anywhere all over the world, any size, any office concept.

Floor plan conversion

Floor plan conversion - Archilyse Workplace Distancing Solution

Conversion into the Archilyse data structure.

Do you also need the .dxfs of your offices for other tasks? No problem!

Optimised solution

Archilyse identifies the best solution providing the maximum amount of workplaces.

Access & adapt results

Cloud interface - Archilyse Workplace Distancing Solution

Access and consume the results in an intuitive dashboard.

Easily adjust parameters as regulations change. Simply iterate, at zero cost.

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Key Benefits

  • Automated and mathematically optimised identification of workstations to be culled.
  • Easy adherence to individual local distancing regulations at each local site.
  • Iterative derivation (thousands of variants) of the optimal set-up, i.e. the highest number of available workstations.
  • Continued implementation in the case of changing regulations “at the click of the mouse”.
  • Possibility to integrate additional parameters (e.g. closeness to highly frequented corridors, A/C outlets, etc.).
  • Intuitive dashboard allowing instant access to all sites and continued, real-time adaptations and an automated assessment of the number of available workstations.