For portfolio and asset managers

Maximize the ROI of your portfolio and minimize vacancies by objectively analysing floor plans to calculate rental prices more accurately.

The challenge
A plethora on the housing market leads to increased vacancies

Initial situation
The floor plan quality is not given enough consideration in the evaluation of apartments

“Apartment layout qualities become increasingly important for rental price valuation, and measuring these qualities is essential to hedge against vacancies too.”

Fredy Hasenmaile, IS&P Head Real Estate Economics, Credit Suisse

Archilyse in application: Revolution in rent setting – more accurate rent estimates lead to higher returns and less vacancy

The analysis of floor plans allows more precise information about the quality and thus the value of an apartment

The method of Archilyse allows objective and consistent analyses of floor plans – even very large portfolios can be processed quickly. The quality of a floor plan is quantitatively measured, compared and the properties can be ranked. The analyses take thousands of data points into account. The view, lighting conditions, noise pollution and geometrical factors of the floor plans are quantified and also introduced into a more precise determination of the rental or sales price. The results of the analyses are a valuable basis for decision-making, especially for new buildings where no historical transaction data is available.

Digitalisation and qualitative analyses lead to higher process efficiency

The analyses of Archilyse also helps companies to digitise entire plan archives and homogenise the plan data set in 3D. The plan archive thus becomes a digital asset and various processes can now be designed more efficiently. This also applies, e.g. to the marketing of properties, where qualitative analyses can be used to identify the suitability of an apartment for certain segments and thus to control marketing in a more targeted manner.

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