Optimise your plans and processes

Up to 95% reduced process durations for automated compliance & capacity checks

Once implemented into the Archilyse API you can check your plans in regard to their norm compliance with a simple mouse-click.  Save a significant amount of time by automatically checking office floor plans or commercial spaces also in regard to their suitability for specific uses or their accommodation capacity.

Workplace Distancing Solution

Dynamic implementation of the 6-feet office. Keep your staff safe, healthy and productive.

Create the optimal “new post-COVID-19” workspace. Automatically reconfigure the number and distribution of workstations.

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Optimise your plans by comparing different planning variations in regard to your defined KPIs

Obtain an objective, measurable comparison of your plan variants and base your respective decisions on defined quality KPIs. 

Automated test fittings for office spaces within minutes  (available for pilot projects)

AOLA, Archilyse’s automated test fitter for offices, lets you do test fits in just a couple of minutes. Compare different workspaces or concepts in regard to efficiency and defined KPIs.

AOLA simulates thousands of different scenarios within minutes to help you do quick capacity checks and identify the optimal layout.

“Just testing a design for building zone compliance alone usually takes up to two weeks. The impact Archilyse’s technology will have on existing processes is going to be fundamental.”

Matthias Knuser, CEO, Raumgleiter AG