Generate future-ready 3D models from your paper or PDF plans

Convert your plan archive into a utilisable data source

Digitise and homogenise your 2D paper or pdf plans and turn them into a powerful, future-ready 3D BIM data source (LOD 200). Such a standardised plan archive lets you apply the advantages that BIM models provide also on your existing objects or an entire real estate portfolio. Your plans, now sleeping in your archive, become a powerful tool to streamline your processes and gain valuable insights. 

A simple standard process converts your plans into a 3D BIM model

In 6 minutes from paper to BIM. Using the Archilyse API and our machine-learning supported process you can convert your paper or pdf plans into 3D BIM models in almost no time.

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“Just testing a design for building zone compliance alone usually takes up to two weeks. The impact Archilyse’s technology will have on existing processes is going to be fundamental.”

Matthias Knuser, CEO, Raumgleiter AG