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Digitisation of large
real estate portfolios

With Archilyse.one you can digitise entire plan archives and homogenise the planning data set in BIM format.

What our customers say

“With Archilyse.One it is much easier for us to produce more accurate target rents. This allows time on market and full occupancy periods to be optimised quickly and transparently, enabling us to achieve significantly higher returns. Archilyse.One is an extremely effective tool that will undoubtedly change the market in the years ahead.”

MRICS Head Real Estate Marketing Switzerland, Implenia Schweiz AG

Faster and more precise analysis with the digital portfolio

  • Automatic comparison of plans and database entries
  • Identification of outdated plan versions
  • Homogenisation of marketing documentation
  • Easy access to data
  • Clear statistical reports

The conversion of plans allows them to be documented 100% accurately in digital form, which in turn enables portfolios to be optimised. The plan archive thus becomes a digital asset, and diverse processes can be made more efficient as a result. This includes processes used in the marketing of properties or the identification of stranded assets. You can also access your digital building stock from any location.

The disorganised paper-based archive in the basement is a thing of the past. Digitalise your documents now with Archilyse.one!

Archilyse.one gives you an overview of all the properties in your digital building stock. Using digital twins, you can create clear simulations, comparisons and evaluations for one or many properties.

In just a few clicks, you have the basis on which to make profitable investment decisions. Revenue increases of 5% have a very noticeable impact on the DCF of properties.

Archilyse.one automatically checks for discrepancies between plan versions and database entries, and rent levels. Archilyse.one provides an intelligent solution for plan digitisation which goes far beyond scanning or reproducing existing floor plans.

In an AI-supported process, the plans are converted into Archilyse’s own data structure and can then be delivered in other digital data formats.

Archilyse.one ensures a high level of investment security because a more objective examination of all data allows a real estate assessment with vision. Stranded assets in the portfolio can be detected at an early stage.

If you manage a very extensive portfolio, Archilyse.one helps you quickly identify where there is a need for action, for example new regulations or poor energy efficiency. Maintain a consistent overview and protect your investment with Archilyse.one!

With Archilyse.one, save up to 80% of your time and up to 60% of your costs compared to conventional or manual comparisons. Archilyse.one uses your floor plans, compares benchmarks and creates a clear evaluation of your entire portfolio.

Centralised access to your digital building stock makes it easier to collaborate as a team from any location.