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Automatic spatial
analyses relating to
nano location

Archilyse.one analyzes floor plans objectively and consistently – also taking into account the nano location.

Using the nano analyses, the quality of all properties – whether they are existing properties, acquisitions or new build projects – can be assessed thoroughly, apartment by apartment. In this process, Archilyse.one captures highly precisely information relating to well over 100 important assessment criteria, such as exposure to sunlight/brightness, views and the existing layout functionality.

This allows you to quantitively measure the quality of a layout, compare it and rank properties in a defined order.

Archilyse.one calculates, reviews and evaluates data automatically, enabling you to work with clear results. From the review of the space through to the construction dimensions – and always with reference to the nano location – you can see quickly and clearly what measures you can take for your properties in order to achieve higher returns at all times.

Spare yourself long and monotonous manual assessments. You can rely on Archilyse.one, save a lot of time and therefore make better decisions more quickly

In Archilyse.one, you can consider a range of issues in the 3D BIM model of your properties, such as are the rooms light enough, is the balcony usable, is a room also suitable for use as an office, where do noise protection measures need to be thought about, and so on.

Archilyse.one works with artificial intelligence, without the input of additional data. That means your floor plan data and the address of the building enable Archilyse.one to create a precise analysis for you, completely automatically. In seconds and without the need for site inspections or long manual assessments, as previously.

Views, lighting conditions, noise levels and the geometric factors of the floor plans are quantified and included for a more accurate calculation of the rent or selling price.

For new builds in particular, where no historic transaction data is available, the analysis results provide valuable support for decision-making. Archilyse.one enables you to plan with foresight and make smart decisions.

The gold standard in recognising comparable properties enables the best possible benchmarks and estimates. Much faster than is possible with a manual assessment.

Precise data regarding nano location at a glance

  • First time objective facts and benchmarks
  • Assessments of actual view quality
  • Assessments of actual natural light conditions
  • Evaluation of vehicle noise exposure

What our customers say

“Our customers rely on our key indicators and reports and base their decisions on them. It is therefore all the more important that we are able to determine these facts with Archilyse.One, objectively based on the layout data. Automatically and visually optimally prepared. In Archilyse.One, we have found a perfect solution that offers our customers clear benefits.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors, MOVE CONSULTANTS AG