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Automated pre-check in
architecture competitions

Archilyse.one makes taking part in architecture competitions less stressful.

What our customers say

“With Archilyse.One it is much easier for us to produce more accurate target rents. This allows time on market and full occupancy periods to be optimised quickly and transparently, enabling us to achieve significantly higher returns. Archilyse.One is an extremely effective tool that will undoubtedly change the market in the years ahead.”

MRICS Head Real Estate Marketing Switzerland, Implenia Schweiz AG

Automatic preliminary check tables from Archilyse.one

  • Multi-project display with detailed results table, ranking and tooltips.
  • Your experience counts: set the assessment categories.
  • Intuitive operation and simple search for results.
  • Developed specifically for real estate data and architecture competitions.

Checking designs manually is time-consuming and very stressful. There is not enough time in the schedule to assess all apartments in detail. The repetitive checks of areas are tiring. One inevitably has to switch to making random checks in order to achieve the milestones.

The preliminary check cannot be carried out with the necessary thoroughness. In addition, parameters are estimated subjectively and designs can be compared with each other only in very general terms. Decisions to award contracts therefore often involve a high degree of risk.

Use Archilyse.one now to minimise your risks and save weeks of work and staff costs.

You can quickly superimpose different plan versions directly onto each other – this not only allows you to achieve higher returns at the end, it also saves a lot of time early on during the decision-making process.

Archilyse.one checks space allocation, economic efficiency and architectural qualities according to defined requirements.

You receive all the relevant key figures in a clear interface and can judge the quality of the designs based on a wide range of precise parameters. Smart real estate assessment is based on data.

A fact-based, detailed estimate from Archilyse.one is the ideal basis for evaluating and justifying decisions. Archilyse.one simplifies the process and helps people make transparent and reliable decisions with foresight.

With Archilyse.one, you can detect strengths and weaknesses from the very start at the touch of a button and can optimise your projects.

This saves the team a lot of time, and Archilyse.one also delivers much more objective results.