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Archilyse.one enables you to save time and money

What our customers say

“With Archilyse.One it is much easier for us to produce more accurate target rents. This allows time on market and full occupancy periods to be optimised quickly and transparently, enabling us to achieve significantly higher returns. Archilyse.One is an extremely effective tool that will undoubtedly change the market in the years ahead.”

MRICS Head Real Estate Marketing Switzerland, Implenia Schweiz AG

Automatic rent setting with Archilyse.one

  • Price recommendation for every apartment in detailed table
  • Everything in one place: quick access to corresponding layouts, analyses and simulations.
  • Your experience counts: set the parameters and override automated calculations.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Developed specifically for real estate data.
  • Together with our partners, we also provide their estimates which have been optimised using Archilyse.one.
  • This table can be updated automatically by Archilyse.one or you can make changes yourself manually.

Especially when it comes to setting or validating rents within a building development. The existing processes for doing this are either complex because they are based on manual calculations, or far too abstract.

With Archilyse.one, you can target your marketing to specific groups, achieve longer periods of full occupancy and double the accuracy of rental price estimates.

By merging geographical data and building data, Archilyse.one provides a comprehensive overview of quality criteria such as views, exposure to sunlight/brightness and noise levels.

Through these “nano analyses” of your property, the knowledge implicit in the layout is made explicit. This pays off because you can view these results in Archilyse.one now – and rent your properties more profitably.

With the aid of artificial intelligence, you receive individual, apartment-specific benchmarks and can make a much more reliable assessment using Archilyse.one’s estimated values.

We are making this development in conjunction with our partners, who can also use Archilyse.one to optimise their own models. This smart real estate assessment that takes georeferenced data into account allows you to radically increase your return on investment.

Using qualitative analyses, you can determine the suitability of an apartment for specific target groups and focus your marketing more effectively. Aspects such as lighting conditions or room layouts often play a major role here.

Archilyse.one includes precisely these aspects in an analysis. With Archilyse.one you can therefore optimise your full occupancy periods when letting for the first time.

An optional fully automatic mode allows you to work with maximum efficiency and save your own resources.

With Archilyse.one you can also directly keep track of current market behaviour and judge absorption rates more accurately.