Assess the quality of your objects

A georeferenced 3D BIM model allows objective quality assessments like never before

Archilyse combines the geo-data (GIS data or urban models) and the object itself into a semantic digital 3D digital model which serves as initial data for the qualitative analysis. This lets you assess the specific physical impact the surrounding has on the building and vice versa, based on holistic, objective and comprehensive metrics.

Over 100 criteria to assess the positional qualities of your object – objectively, consistently and comparably

The Archilyse API precisely calculates real estate quality drivers such as sunlight, noise, views and distances to certain points of interest, e.g. how long does it take to get to the next train station. These acquired qualitative KPIs help to improve layouts, sharpen marketing activities and much better assess the commercial value of the analysed objects.

Determine the functional qualities of your floorplans

Archilyse captures the most comprehensive set of qualitative data available today to complement your professional experience with objective, measurable data and let you gain additional certainty in your comparisons and decisions.

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One solution – many applications along the entire real estate value chain

Archilyse applications along the real estate value chain

Archilyse’s qualitative analyses support your business interests in many ways.

For portfolio and asset management

Complement your pricing models with the most holistic qualitative analysis data about your objects and become far more accurate in setting your prices.

For real estate platforms and marketers

Provide better user experience and achieve market differentiation by enriching your search parameters with additional relevant information to help your users find their new housing.

For architects, planners and developers

Objectively compare your scenarios and steer their quality based on the most comprehensive set of objective quality features.

For corporate real estate managers

Gain a better understanding of the functional qualities of your workspaces.  Compare and match available spaces with functional user requirements to speed up reorganisation and change management processes including automated test fits of your offices.