Assess the quality of real estate holistically and simplify processes with innovative, digital real estate analyses

Generate as much usable knowledge as possible with as little data input as possible

Archilyse creates holistic, qualitative architecture analyses and thus optimises processes that were previously manual. For tasks where objective information about the quality of real estate is important, an automated solution using cloud-based API and SaaS products is available.

Analyses of floor plans allow for better value and quality identification

“Well thought-out floor plans improve the value of benefit of a property and are a decisive factor for the quality and ultimately the rentability.”

Matthias Standfest, founder and CEO of Archilyse

Based on the floor plans or address of an object, the specific quality features are calculated by simulating the exterior and interior space. This way, e.g. planning variants or a real estate portfolio can be compared objectively. Using clear indicators, the value of the properties can be better estimated or properties can be marketed in a more targeted manner.

Digital analyses bring added value for all real estate decision-makers

Location, visual and floor plan analyses capture over 100 qualitative characteristics of a property and thus allow a holistic evaluation. Archilyse calculates, e.g. lighting conditions of the whole year, room functionality and flexibility, visual volume and view, distances and travel times or noise pollution.

Simulations using geo-referenced 3D models visualize hundreds of real estate parameters

“Apartment layout qualities become increasingly important for rental price valuation, and measuring these qualities is essential to hedge against vacancies too.”

Fredy Hasenmaile, IS&P Head Real Estate Economics, Credit Suisse

The deeper understanding of the properties gained through qualitative analysis can be applied in many ways; e.g. for the valuation of a property, the objective comparison of planning variants, the automated review of building standards or guidelines or for the targeted marketing of the properties.

Archilyse uses the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which enable significant increases in efficiency for existing processes and new customer solutions along the entire property value chain.

“Need oriented search is going to dominate the UX for real estate marketplaces in the near future. And currently, the scoring technology of Archilyse we have tested is without competition.”

Martin Waeber, Director Immoscout24, Scout 24 Schweiz AG