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Archilyse.one digitises
and analyses

Archilyse.one is a cloud-based software solution, that makes the quality of architecture and property digitally and objectively measurable and understandable for everyone.

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My real estate data is NOT YET digitised
My real estate data is ALREADY digitised

Archilyse.one makes
your plans smart.

Your plans are full of valuable information. Archilyse.one analyses and reads out this information in an understandable format, and structures it sustainably – within minutes.

Using an automatically created digital twin, Archilyse.one calculates numerous simulations and benchmarks. These results create an objective and holistic picture of your property which you can use, for example, to manage vacancies and tenant turnover, acquire better assets or to reduce costs.

Would you like to find out how much more revenue you can generate with Archilyse.one?


Use your real estate data to make faster, simpler and more objective decisions

Asset managers, property developers, real estate marketplace managers, tech providers, facility managers – take advantage of Archilyse.one today.

Assess optimal
marketing strategy

Automatic spatial
analyses relating to
nano location

Automated pre-check in
architecture competitions

Digitisation of large
real estate portfolios

Discover the (added) value of your
real estate data.

Uncover hidden potential, improve existing calculations or check standards.
In fully automated processes – all within a few minutes.

  • We digitise your archive, convert old PDF files or work with all other available files.

  • An automated BIM conversion moves all your real estate data centrally into a cloud.

  • Your property’s digital twin is now automatically developed into a large-scale 3D environment model with lots of details and additional information. This forms the basis for each property analysis.

  • 3D simulations on views, lighting, noise, urban centralities, compliance rules, functionality and flexibility of spaces, and much more. This gives you many options
    for making comparisons and undertaking reviews.

    Simulations using georeferenced 3D models can visualise hundreds of property characteristics within minutes.

  • AI detects comparable properties and provides highly accurate estimates, compares benchmarks and assesses your property so you can reduce vacancies, maximise rents or explore alternative planning scenarios.

  • 10% more revenue
    due to objective facts
  • Automated pre-check
    in architecture competitions
  • Optimisation of
    properties in portfolio
  • Profitable marketing
    of new and existing
  • Structuring of
    future-proof data
    in open standards

Easy to use.

We take over the digitisation of your archive at your premises and show your employees how to use the software. This means you can start working with Archilyse.one quickly and efficiently. Our support team is always available to help you with any questions. Ask us for our advice on the features and costs of the software, or see for yourself what Archilyse.one can do for you.