Archilyse makes architecture and real estate quality measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody – what gets measured will be improved. We provide qualitative insights and empower decisions based on data analytics and objective, measurable performance indicators.

Corporate Digital Transformation

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Founding Team

We are a dynamic international team of highly curious people with various backgrounds in Astrophysics, Architecture, Computational Science, Computer Engineering, Business Administration and Cultural Science.

Matthias Standfest

Founder / CEO

Matthias’ studies in Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy gave rise to an interest in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to architectural decision making. His PhD thesis at ETH Zurich laid the grounds for founding Archilyse in early 2017.

Roman Schneider

Partner / CCO

Roman is overseeing marketing and sales. He’s a senior manager bringing experience of more than 15 years in international business and know-how from different industries to us. His heart beats for longlasting, growing customer relationships. Roman holds a licenciate in sociology, philosophy and law and a master’s degree in marketing and business management.

Yvonne Schroeder

Founding Team / Management

Yvonne holds an MBA and has extensive working experience as board of director at a Real Estate process management company. In her role she takes care of the finances and business administration tasks.

Margarete Sotier

Founding Team / Public Relations

Maggy did her Masters in Cultural Studies in Germany. At Archilyse she handles administrative and HR duties and takes care of marketing and PR.

Yeray Álvarez

Lead Development

Yeray holds 2 masters in computer science and machine learning. With over 7 years of academic and industry relevant experience he is responsible of the tech team, software architecture and development. He loves being in nature.

Jonas Rüegsegger

Founding Team / Development

Jonas studied Physics and Computational Science at the University of Zurich and worked as a consultant. In the team he is responsible for algorithms and simulations, data fusion, integration and data analytics.

Michael Franzen

Founding Team / Development

At Archilyse, Michael works with a focus on data-intensive computations and distributed systems while optimizing the overall software architecture and infrastructure.

Leszek Wisniewski

Founding Team / Development

Leszek holds a degree in Electronics with over 7 years of professional experience under his belt. In the team he is responsible for the system architecture, web development, devops and reliability.

Andrés Sahún

Founding Team / Development

Andres is Computer Science Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in designing and developing browser games and custom websites. He takes care of software engineering & development, data visualization and programming.

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