Vebego Schweiz enters into strategic cooperation agreement with Archilyse

Zurich, 26 November 2020 Digital transformation is advancing in the real estate sector through the latest technology and disruptive business models. This will not only impact the design of properties, but also how they are built, marketed and managed. That’s why Vebego Schweiz Holding AG is forming a strategic cooperation partnership with Archilyse AG, in order to be on the front line in the market and lead this technology into a new dimension and new international markets.

For a long time, the real estate sector has been something of a dinosaur when it comes to digitalisation. Now, however, proptech companies offer numerous digital solutions for the industry and the trend towards disruptive business models plays an integral part in the real estate sector. What started with the many possibilities presented by 3D printing now includes intelligent building management, virtual reality property viewings and sophisticated smart home systems; the opportunities and scalable solutions that digitalisation makes available to the real estate sector are extensive.

Archilyse takes real estate analysis to the next level

Archilyse, founded in 2017 as a spin-off from ETH, offers analysis that is not only essential for new business models, but also provides knowledge that facilitates significant increases in efficiency. Unique technological solutions automate manual tasks and optimise processes, thus significantly reducing costs. Archilyse’s goal is to enhance all areas of the value chain in the real estate sector by providing meaningful information – extensive analysis makes architecture measurable, and therefore comparable and much more accessible.

Dr Matthias Standfest, founder and CEO of Archilyse AG, explains: ‘The idea behind it is to make the architecture and floorplan quality objectively measurable. It’s not just the location of properties that is important. Increasingly, tenants and purchasers want to know how the property can be furnished, how much sunlight each room gets, what the view is like and much more. Or they want to know the best way to divide up office space. Archilyse’s analysis provides an objective answer to these questions. The cooperation agreement with Move Consultants, “Masters of Floorplans and Spaces”, enables Archilyse to take its business model to a new level. Move is number one when it comes to the digital processing of real estate data, and now its numerous clients can benefit easily from Archilyse’s extensive analysis.’’

Move Consultants is the market leader in data trusts

Move Consultants AG focuses on providing data trust and consultancy solutions for the real estate and facility management sector. In the context of data trusts and digitalisation, Move has an extensive client portfolio and comprehensive expertise in the areas of digital space management, real estate data trusts and real estate digital twins (digital data metamodels). The company was founded in 1998 and has offices in Basel, Zurich and Bern. Dr Andreas Meister, Director of Strategic Projects at Vebego Schweiz Holding AG and Chair of the Board of Directors at Move Consultants, says: ‘We have been working with Archilyse since spring 2020, but the contract was only signed recently, following completion of our strategic cooperation agreement. We have chosen a partner that expands our data trust competencies and is the ideal fit for us. The strength of our network lends this new technology international impact, giving Archilyse access to new markets that can lead it into a new dimension.’

Dr Giuseppe Santagada, CEO of Vebego Schweiz Holding AG, adds: ‘The innovations offered by proptech companies provide a real boost to the overall digital transformation of the real estate sector, giving it a shot in the arm and driving progress forward. As the potential of real estate digitalisation is far from exhausted, this raises the important question of how pronounced it will be and what it means specifically for individual stakeholders. It is clear to us that having Archilyse as a strategic partner puts us on the front line in the market. We are really looking forward to a successful collaboration.’