Dynamic Workplace Optimisation: Ensuring employee health and company productivity in Corona times

The COVID-19 virus has arrived to stay for the foreseeable future. As new research emerges and we learn more about how the virus spreads, and as the pandemic outbreak cycles evolve, legal regulations and preventive measures are constantly changing.

Change and unpredictability are becoming constant. The ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances rapidly and effectively is more essential than ever. Business -and life- continuity depends on it.

The challenge: Adapting working spaces in compliance with constantly changing local regulations across multiple locations of the world

Corporate Real Estate must ensure that all workplaces are compliant with up-to-date local regulations in regards to social distancing on multiple locations at a global scale. If done manually, this is a daunting, time-consuming and almost impossible task.

How to split the office? How many desks can we keep? How to place the desks? The right answer today might not be the right answer tomorrow, but having a flexible automated solution that translates the norms into digital regulatory models and analyses the office space according to them can tackle the challenge.


Archilyse’s dynamic workplace optimisation solution outperforms any manual workspace reconfiguration process.

The optimal solution in seconds: real-time optimisation with state of the art genetic algorithms

Archilyse has developed an AI-powered workspace configuration solution to allow you to react on real-time and in a cost-efficient way to changing regulations.

Automatically and mathematically, it optimises and identifies the number and position of the workstations that need to be culled to comply with the Corona measures.

Archilyse Workplace Distancing Screenshot

Archilyse’s intuitive user interface simplifies the task of reconfiguring office spaces.

Changing regulations and multiple local regulations can be implemented at the click of a mouse. Additionally, you have the option to integrate further parameters like the closeness to highly frequented corridors, A/C outlets, toilets or other elements.

The process: Complexity made simple

The only input deeded are your floor plans in .pdf format. Archilyse processes them and based on the normative and other inputs of your choice and outputs the optimal solution with the maximum number of workstations.


Archilyse has set up an automated workspace optimisation solution solving the challenge of adapting office spaces to changing regulations.

All you need to do is to adapt the results and get ready to go back to the office!


Key benefits

  • Faster, more accurate and cost-effective than manual processes.
  • Flexible and scalable implementation and update of digital regulatory models.
  • Possibility to integrate additional custom parameters.
  • Streamlined, user-friendly and cloud-based process.

Do you want to see our solution in action?

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