From paper to digitally-ready property documentation

When you get a new property to manage, what type of floor plans do you get from your clients? Do you get either hand-drawn schematic paper drawings or poorly scanned complex technical plans? Do you get digital files in random formats, badly drawn or out of scale?


Hand-drawn paper plans and poorly scanned technical drawings are often all the property documentation you have access to.

This is a situation many of our clients -real estate portfolio managers, facility managers and architects- typically face.

They have been compiling a heterogeneous set of floor plans in their archives for years. In some cases, these old and deteriorating paper floor plans are the only existing documentation on a property. In other cases, the floor plans were scanned, but they are stored locally at different locations, and they are not easily accessible. Keeping paper and digital floor plan archives organised, and functional is challenging.

Making architectural floor plans usable is often also a demanding and recurring task. After you managed to find the floor plan you need, do you often need to copy -either a paper or digital floor plan- and re-draw it according to specific standards to be able to use? We also see many of our clients struggling with this issue.

An end-to-end digitisation solution: Scanning, digitising and homogenising your floor plan archive

Archilyse has developed a solution that includes scanning and digitising your paper floor plan archive and homogenising your digital archive -if you have one- to match the SIA 416, DIN 277 or any other local architectural floor standard.

The right documentation format for each stakeholder at each stage of the real estate life-cycle.

As output, you get accurate, digitally-ready documentation, organised in a digital floor plan archive, accessible 24/7 from anywhere. The digital models are produced in a variety of formats, suitable for different processes and stakeholders along the real estate and architectural life-cycle: .dxf, .png and .pdf files.


Archilyse digitises and homogenises floor plan data, delivering a variety of digital file formats.

All parties involved in a renovation, maintenance and re-development project can now get accurate .dxf floor plan documentation as the project basis.

Your marketing and sales teams can easily promote and sell properties using clean .png and .pdf files, uploading them to your website, to real estate market places or use them for print brochures.


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Key benefits

  • No more scanning or copying
  • Homogenised floor plan data
  • 24/7 access to all plans from anywhere
  • Lower plan archiving costs
  • A centralised source of data and knowledge
  • Facilitated detection of missing or deviating plan data
  • Image (.png and .pdf) and CAD-ready vector files (.dxf)


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Take the first step towards BIM and digital life-cycle management

Digitising your floor plan archive is the first step into BIM and digital life-cycle management.


The digital life-cycle management journey starts with digitising your floor plan archive.

Having digitised your floor plans allows you to analyse their architectural quality, unlock insights and enable automated price optimisation and other digital processes.

Do you want to see our solution in action?


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