Search Optimisation for Real Estate Marketplaces

A real estate marketplace offering its customers a wide range of search criteria has a clear competitive advantage. Archilyse generates floor plan simulations that accurately depict the view, sunlight and noise level exposure -among other factors linked to floor plan quality-. This additional information layer enhances the search process, helping home seekers narrow down the scope of their search.

Need oriented search is going to dominate the UX for real estate marketplaces in the near future. And currently, the scoring technology of Archilyse we have tested is without competition.
Martin Waeber, Director of Immoscout24, Scout 24 Schweiz AG

The information available on real estate portals is insufficient for home-seekers to make a transactional decision

One million people move houses in Switzerland every year. 92 percent look at online advertisements when looking for a new home. The more information an advertisement contains, the greater the satisfaction of those looking for accommodation, because they can judge at an early stage whether an apartment is suitable for them.

Currently, the majority of advertisements provide information on the size, location and price of a property. Ideally, meaningful photos or virtual tours give interested parties a first impression. However, further information, especially qualitative information, can only be obtained in an on-site inspection. And even then, an inspection always provides only a snapshot of the situation, for example with regard to lighting conditions or noise pollution.

Viewing appointments are time-consuming and in many cases avoidable

Including objective search criteria on distances to points of interest, sunshine incidence, noise pollution, floor plan quality and views in addition to the location, size and price adds efficiency to the home-seeking process and saves unnecessary viewing appointments.

This additional information meets a customer need. A flat search is a time-consuming process and can take several months. According to the study “How we Swiss live and move” published by Homegate, 39 percent of all flat seekers in Switzerland search for more than three months until they find a property. So if you can already focus your attention when selecting the apartments to be viewed, thanks to a wide range of meaningful information, you will not only save time and nerves, but will also search much more efficiently.

Home-seekers want information on views, floor plan, light incidence and costs

A marketplace offering its customers a wide range of information and search criteria to filter out properties at the earliest possible search stage has a clear competitive advantage. According to the Immo-Barometer report published by Neue Zürcher Zeitung/Wüest Partner AG, in addition to location, cost, and area, light and floor plan quality determine the attractiveness of an apartment.

For the tenants of an apartment, the view and the incidence of light are among the most relevant criteria in their assessment of a property.

If an apartment has a good view of the lake, this has positive effects on the residents, and on the purchase or rental price, which, according to the Credit Suisse report Swiss Real Estate Market 2019, can be up to 20 percent higher than a comparable apartment without a lake view. In contrast, noisy arterial roads or rail traffic at the front door can have a negative effect on the well-being of the residents and reduce its price.

Viewing appointments are superfluous: Assess the view and light incidence with a mouse click

Up to now, it has been necessary to visit an apartment in order to assess the view and the lighting situation. With the help of new technologies, this can be done at the click of a mouse. Archilyse has developed a procedure that calculates the view and lighting conditions of an apartment using objective parameters.

Archilyse provides real estate marketplaces with additional information on property quality, enriching the property search criteria and property filtering capabilities.

Archilyse provides real estate marketplaces with additional information on property quality, enriching the property search criteria and property filtering capabilities.

Using Archilyse’s API, real estate portals can integrate information about the view and light conditions of a property into their platform, providing added value to their customers.
The view and brightness of an apartment are determined on the one hand by the floor plan itself (depth of the apartment, the position of the windows, balcony etc.) and on the other hand by the immediate surroundings of the apartment (water, parks, trees, streets, neighbouring buildings).

Based on the address of an apartment, Archilyse generates view and brightness simulations and provides information on important points in the surroundings.

If the floor number and the floor plan of the apartment are available, the data contained in the simulation, in combination with information on neighbouring buildings, topography and tree population, allows for an exact determination of, for example, the view and solar radiation and travel times or distances to points of interest. Archilyse produces the analyses based on data sets in which, for example, the building heights, water bodies, individual trees and green spaces are recorded.

The user of the search platform can be offered a noticeable advantage: Instead of laboriously analyzing and comparing data from several sources, the information can be retrieved with a mouse click. This not only saves time, but is also easier to use and provides an objective basis for assessing visibility and lighting conditions. In addition, the user remains on the website, reducing the risk of jumping off during the search process.

Increased customer satisfaction and improved marketing KPIs

Real estate portals receive several advantages by integrating this analysis on their platform: More information for the customer leads to a longer retention time on the site. Furthermore the customer satisfaction is higher thanks to more meaningful and additional information about the property. The customer stays longer on the website thus the bounce rate lowers because one finds more relevant information. This leads to dropping costs per lead due to increased efficiency. This differentiation is a big advantage towards competitors.

Easy integration into any existing portal

Thanks to very simple technical integration into any existing website or mobile application, the added value is delivered without a major technical effort or investment.

The Archilyse offering for real estate marketplaces supplements the information in housing advertisements, to increased customer satisfaction and to an improvement in marketing KPIs.

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