Data Empowerment
for the
Real Estate Industry


Archilyse makes architecture and real estate quality digitally and objectively measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody. Based on data analytics we provide qualitative KPIs to empower decisions and optimise processes along the entire real estate value chain.

Data Empowerment for Real Estate Decision Makers

Archilyse offers a unique tool for a holistic analysis and automated evaluation of architecture characteristics providing objective, qualitative performance indicators.

Floor plans are converted into geo-referenced 3D BIM models and then analysed by the API to generate and extract the quality features and KPIs.

The AI-supported API processes the input data into quantitative, actionable results to compare planning scenarios, objectively evaluate an object or verify building or construction norm compliance.


Comprehensive Real Estate Valuation

Maximize the return on your portfolio and minimize vacancies by objectively analysing floor plans and thus calculating rental prices more accurately.

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Search Engine Enhancement

Increase customer satisfaction and your own marketing KPIs using the additional, relevant information about the quality of the apartments obtained from the floor plan analysis by Archilyse.

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What you can do with Archilyse

Archilyse is a cloud based PropTech service offering an AI-supported API and SaaS solutions for the entire real estate industry.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence replace subjective assessments of architectural qualities with objective data to facilitate new business models and increase process efficiency significantly.


Generate future-ready 3D models from your paper or PDF plans

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Assess the quality of your objects

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Optimise your plans and processes

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Introducing Archilyse

We make architecture and building quality measurable, transparent, comparable and understandable for everybody.
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Archilyse AG, founded in 2017, is a spin-off of the renowned ETH Zurich. Our focus lies on real estate digitalisation based on AI-supported analyses of architectural qualities.

With a strong scientific basis, Archilyse maintains partnerships with universities such as e.g. ETH Zurich, Bauhaus University Weimar or Graz University of Technology to include top-notch research results into our product.

Archilyse offers cloud-based API and SaaS solutions that process easily available real estate data into valuable actionable insights. Real estate decision makers are enabled to base their most crucial business decisions on objective, quantitative analysis data. 

Although based in Zurich, Switzerland, our solutions are applicable worldwide.

Archilyse Innovation Label Proptech Academy Assiciation