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Digital archive,
smart plans

Archilyse.one makes the quality of architecture and properties digitally and objectively measurable, comparable and understandable. This is all done using globally unique analyses, backed by AI.

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Archilyse takes data from plans
and is thus revolutionising the real estate industry

Archilyse has developed a unique digital process to calculate real estate quality based on floor plans. For the first time, architectural quality can be consistently calculated using numerical values – objective and measurable.

How does it work?

A 2D floor plan is used to create a 3D BIM model of the property. This is then integrated into its environmental context (georeferenced). Merging geographical data with building data produces extensive,

objective quality criteria for aspects such as views, exposure to sunlight, brightness or noise.

In addition, the functionality of the layout is analysed, also based on a large number of different assessment criteria. A high degree of precision is achieved by calculating the value for each quality criterion with pinpoint accuracy. In this process, the quality values are aggregated at various levels and summarised for assessment purposes e.g. per room, per apartment or per floor.

Who benefits?

All this data is already contained in your floor plans. Archilyse.one extracts this data, making this implicit knowledge explicit. The plan becomes a digital asset which can be used

to inform the development of procedures. This helps everyone who makes decisions about real estate marketing or development.

Existing price and assessment models can also be optimised, and additional assurance is provided for planning and investment
decisions. Archilyse.one enables gut feelings in long discussions to be replaced with evidence-based findings.


An investment that is certain to pay off

Calculate how high your ROI could be for the next 10 years with Archilyse.One.

Asset Management

Total Gross Floor Area

Real Estate Development

Annually Developed Area



Cost Of Delay

CO2 Savings

Archilyse.one makes
it easy for you

  • Simulate, analyse and compare
    directly in the properties
  • Automate your personal workflow
  • Clearly structured view
    of layout, 3D or isometric
  • Clear results as heatmaps, graphics
    and data for export as CSV or PDF
  • Intuitive operation and modern
    design of user interface
  • Continuous development
    ensures Archilyse.one remains future-proof

Test Archilyse.one now on your own projects

A simple demonstration of Archilyse.one on one of your projects introduces the product and lets you see how profitable it could be for your business.

You could also choose to test Archilyse.one on one of your completed projects. So you may find out whether or not and how much overhead can be saved with Archilyse.one and whether your process interfaces are suitable for working with us.

You can also test Archilyse.one on a current project and gain an insight into how the process works. This shows whether and how much overhead a project with us causes.